May 24, 2015

New York City >>> A Current Affair >>>

New York City! Prism of Threads will have a rack of magical threads next weekend at the A Current Affair Brooklyn show! Hope to see you there! Xx

May 12, 2015

✨Spirit Weavers Gathering✨

I'm headed to the Redwoods tomorrow morning for the 3rd Annual Spirit Weavers Gathering! This year 500 women will gather for five days to learn about basic human skills. 
I'm most excited about learning how to make a drum and experiencing cacao and tea ceremonies. I will also be debuting my new caftans along with vintage treasures! All online purchases will be shipped on May 20th when I return. Xx Tracy 

May 3, 2015

♏ Full Moon in Scorpio ♏

For this full moon smoothie bowl, Stephen McCarty and I created a mango, banana, homemade hemp milk smoothie with maca and local wildflower honey. Featuring reishi, pine pollen, and tacos by Sun Potion. The mandala on top is turmeric, dragon fruit, and spirulina! "Both Light and Shadow are the dance of Love" -Rumi

April 22, 2015

◖◖◯◗◗ Earth Day Blessing ◖◖◯◗◗

In the spirit of reducing our carbon footprint and celebrating vintage as an opportunity to re-use and re-love, Prism of Threads is offering 20% off all items! 
Enter <<< earthday >>> under coupons when checking out in the shop section of my website. And as always, free shipping in the US! 

April 18, 2015

♈ New Moon in Aries ♈

New Moon in Aries smoothie bowl! To honor this time of rebirth and reflection Stephen McCarty and I created this black berry, acai, blueberry smoothie! Dragon fruit, goji, turmeric cosmic mandala + Sun Potion ashitaba and tacos which are rich in vitamin B12, D, and E. 
Below is a transformative food interview by The Local Rose featuring Nitsa of 
Sun Potion wearing her Prism of Threads sandstone caftan!

April 17, 2015

☽☽☽ The Way of Tea ☾☾☾

Baelyn Elspeth (Tien Wu) shares about tea at the 2014 Spirit Weavers Gathering, filmed by Renata Chebel. Looking forward to this sunrise meditation and experiencing the way of tea at this year's gathering! 

For more about Baelyn's offerings visit:

April 9, 2015

✜ Silken Road ✜

Excited to share the Silken Road Ghost Dancer collection I styled with a dream team of incredible women! These handwoven works of art take my breath away! 

"The spring 2015 collection mythology derives from the silk worm's delicate gift to the Western World centuries ago. This collection carries with it a sense of luxury that echoes these historical first impressions. All of these woven jewels are comprised of the finest Japanese silks, vintage fibers and materials fit to stir love stories within the wearer."-Rhiannon Griego
Photography - Kacie Tomita
Model - Jane Anne Thomas 
Stylist - Tracy Conti McCarty
Hair + Makeup - Jennifer Alden 
Glady Tamez Milliner